Tuesday, June 05, 2007

My Mighty Men

Yesterday I commented on a passage from 1 Chronicles which spoke of the "mighty men" that surrounded David. These were men whom David needed, men on whom he relied. God has made man to desire and to need fellowship and help. We all need "mighty men" who will give us "strong support," and help us fight the good fight of faith. So, inspired by my friend Rich Clark, I am listing here my mighty men.

(1) Steve Burchett, my mentor and dear friend. Steve's guidance and education have laid a solid foundation upon which everything else has been built. He taught me not only how to know God better, but simply how to think.

(2) Jeff McKinney, lay leader from a previous church. Jeff's example of humility and love, and his friendship have been a strong influence in my life.

(3) John F. MacArthur Jr. I have never personally met Dr. MacArthur, but early on in my theological education I surrounded myself with his works and learned so greatly from them that they remain, to this day, treasured posessions.

(4) The Elders of Third Avenue Baptist Church. Each of these men have been an example of not only good preaching, but solid pastoral leadership. Their hearts and their minds are a blessing to me.

(5) Andy McDonie. My dear friend from high school, whose friendship to me now is even sweeter than it was then. His example of love and joyfulness in the midst of trials is a testimony to the goodness of God. I am indebted to God for him, because it was through his friendship that I came to know the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal savior.

The list could go on to include all the members of my current church, a number of professors and theologians, and other godly friends, but that would exceed my time. So suffice it to say that God has granted to me an ARMY of mighty men with whom I can labor for His kingdom and through whom I am being edified. Who are your "mighty men?"



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