Monday, August 06, 2007

Atheist Evangelists

Al Mohler has written on an interesting new development regarding the 21st century's leading atheist: Richard Dawkins. Dawkins desires that all un-believers would be honest about their denial of god, and "come out of the closet." He is launching a campaign to encourage atheists to come forth into the public eye and admit their disbelief in God. Here's Dawkins' game plan:

The OUT campaign has potentially as many sides to it as you can think of words to precede "out". "Come OUT" has pride of place and is the one I have so far dealt with. Related to it is "Reach OUT" in friendship and solidarity towards those who have come out, or who are contemplating that step which, depending on their family or home town prejudices, may require courage. Join, or found local support groups and on-line forums. Speak OUT, to show waverers they are not alone. Organize conferences or campus events. Attend rallies and marches. Write letters to the local newspaper. Lobby politicians, at local and national level. The more people come out and are known to have done so, the easier will it be for others to follow.

There are many questions that such a campaign will and should raise, especially for churches and Evangelical Christians. For sure we will want to anticipate a public response and prepare ourselves to respond in like fashion with truth, love, and large voices. Mohler is right when he says:

Professor Dawkins may be right -- his "choir" may be larger than many people recognize or are willing to admit. The intellectual elites are increasingly secular in worldview and the elite academic world Dawkins inhabits certainly has its share of atheists. But are they ready to "out" themselves?

Truth is not determined by numbers, but influence often is. This is what concerns Richard Dawkins, and this is why he wants atheists to come out of the closet. We will soon know if his campaign is successful.

The good news for us of course is that we not only have large numbers of supporters but we also have truth on our side! If Atheists want to be evangelists that is fine, but let us continue faithfully evangelizing our neighborhoods and do so with the truth!



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