Thursday, August 02, 2007

Reformed Baby Care

Martin Luther once said, "Lord, you say we should come to you like little children. Must we really be such idiots." Such are the kinds of comments we would expect from someon who is usually known for his direct and often hard nature. But Luther was a father who loved his children, and a husband who loved his wife.

Gene Edward Veith has commented on this in a recent post he did over at the Cranach Blog. He has a direct quote from a sermon that Luther preached concerning the estate of marriage, and he has a link to the full sermon. For moms who are having some difficulty at home with the care of their babies, the frustration of all their wifely duties this is a good word. It's also a fresh reminder to fathers. In Luther's day the father had a much more prominent role in the home than he does today. We are reminded by this great preacher and reformer that dads have a duty to care for their children and wives. Men are to love their children, and love their wives like Christ... and like Luther.

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