Sunday, December 11, 2005

Advent Poems

Last year I started writing a series of Advent Poems that take Biblical accounts and detail how they point to Christ. I encourage you to use them with your family throughout Advent, or better yet- Write your own! Here are the first two:

The Promise of Restoration- Genesis 3:1-15
-The First Sunday in Advent -

It was a sad day in paradise
The day that sin came into life.
Adam and Eve failed to obey
And now were punished and as they
Now contemplate
All that God had said of late
They remembered words of joy
A prophecy of a baby boy.
“Did God not foretell,” Eve said aloud
“In cursing that serpent, how
One would someday restore
Sinners to their gracious Lord?”
“He did indeed, my lovely wife,
Say such a thing of great delight.
That a savior would one day come
And crush the head of this evil one.
But I recall one other thing
That our God spoke in this cursing.
That this savior who would crush the skull
Of this serpent, would be struck also.”
“Yes I recall,” she said with a tear,
“That the heel of the child will bear
The bite of the snake that I should receive.
God has put it on another and me He relieves.”
And so the two sat in deep thought
But we know what this prophecy taught.
That Jesus was the child here described,
Who was born of a virgin, lived, and died.
He is the one who crushed Satan’s head
By His death and resurrection. And bled
To cover over a multitude of sins.
And now as this time of the year begins
We celebrate the birth of this one
Who came as a virgin’s son.

Ahaz and the Sign from God- Isaiah 7
-The Second Sunday in Advent-

During the reign of Ahaz, who was king
Of Judah, Isaiah said this thing
That brought hope to all who heard
This prophetic word
Declaring the coming defender
Who would reign forever.
He would abolish the trappings of war
Israel’s shield and defender and more.
His birth was prophesied.
Earlier Isaiah cried
“His name shall be Immanuel
God with us,” he did foretell.
“What to do, what to do?” Ahaz said with worry.
“Syria and Ephraim come to attack with furry,
What are we to do?” The king was pale and scared.
But God told Isaiah that Judah would be spared.
And so the prophet went to console the King’s great fear
But the king was mighty stubborn and would not even hear.
“Ask the Lord for a sign, to show that He will do
All that He commanded me to speak to you.”
“I dare not test the Lord,” spoke the King.
“That would be a dreadful thing.”
“Because you, O’ King, weary the Holy One
He will give a sign to show that He will save some.
And though Assyria, in whom you trust, will come and destroy
God will save a remnant from within Judah’s convoy.
This is the sign, hear you all,
The virgin shall conceive and the child call
Immanuel, God with us,” the prophet spoke.
“And as for those kings who threaten a deadly stroke,
Before the boy can choose right or wrong
These two kings you dread will be long gone.”
So the prophet said this thing
In the hearing of the King
That a baby would be born from a virgin womb
And this little child is the one in whom
We find our salvation, hope, and life
God incarnate, the man Jesus Christ.
Indeed the virgin did conceive
But for the King this prophecy did not relieve.
And so this sign was not one inviting repentance
But instead one confirming the sentence
Made by God for the King’s sin
And made for us who do trust in Him.


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