Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hitchen Up for the Battle Ahead

"Religion comes from the stupid infancy of our species..." so says Christopher Hitchens. If you haven't heard of this British author you are sure to hear his name soon. His most recent book has garnered him numerous appearances on TV talk shows. The title of the book? "God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything."

What makes Hitchens worthy of discussion here is not that he is another atheist out to see Christianity run into the ground. Rather, it is the wit, and skill with which he argues his case. It is the publicity he is gaining and will gain as he spews pop-philosophy across the airwaves. His arguments aren't anything new, in fact most of them are old. He won't destroy the faith, that is not what makes him worth talking about. As Al Mohler has stated, "He excepts most of the most extreme criticisms of faith in God...the big issue here is not that...Christopher Hitchens [is] going to bring down the household of faith..." Rest assured friends that God's Word will stand as it always has.

So that being said, why have I wasted your time with information about Christopher Hitchens? Again Al Mohler provides a good answer:

The big issue here is not that Daniel Dennet,Richard Dawkins Sam Harris, and Christopher Hitchens are going to bring down the household of faith, that's not the problem. The issue is that it tells a great deal about where our culture is now going in terms of considering atheism in its most strident form to be a very legitimate alternative to Christianity. And celebrating many of the arguments made by these most caustic of atheists as indicating what they see as the basic underlying reality.

These New Atheists, as they are being called, are making strides towards a popular atheism. In the media atheism is popular enough. Among the high-brow liberals it is common enough. But when the average church member sitting across the isle from you comes into contact with the popular presentations of Christopher Hitchens, who is very intellegent and eloquent, what will you say? Friends there is a solid Christian response to what Christopher Hitchens, and his cohorts are saying. Their responses are not as tight, clear, or honest, as they would like you to believe. Read up, study, and prepare to stand your ground as this new wave of popular atheism comes to your town, your church, and your doorstep.

To get started here are few resources:
Hear the rest of Al Mohler's discussion on this over at

Read the series of articles that Mark Roberts has written in response to Hitchen's "reasearch" over at

Finally listen to the guys at Apologetics.Com reveal just how old this "new" atheism is at

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