Friday, June 08, 2007

Ohio Sports Fans

It's a good year for Ohio Sports fans. Even with the Cavs defeat last night Ohioans have much to rejoice in. They've finished second, with outstanding records, in both College Basketball and Football, and now their Cleveland Cavaliers are in the NBA Finals.

As preparation for Game 2 gets under way I anticipate Lebron to make some big adjustments. His low assist numbers in Game 1 will be the biggest difference. There's nothing he can do about the fact that San Antonio is going to be doubling and tripling him. But He has got to find the open man. All around he needs to improve his third quater stats. But the questions still remains: Do the Cavs have a shot?

The answer: I can give no definitive response. But let's be honest. The Spurs played average in game 1. With good defense and sharp moving by Tony Parker, they still didn't play at their level of NBA basketball. And even with that level of playing the Cavs weren't able to keep up. But to be honest, the Cavs played terrible. Lebron will improve, but will his teamates? Will they make the open shots when Lebron gets them the ball out of the double team? We wait in anticipation.

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