Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Rumours are True

The Rumours are True friends, the Dunhams are moving...again. This November we will be returning to our beloved Southern Ohio to serve in Minford, OH at a local church and to start long term gospel ministry in Portsmouth, OH.

This has been a long term discussion for over a year now with friends, the elders of our church, and the pastors and members at Grace Baptist Church in Minford. God has only increased our desires over that time. As I have contemplated the great need both for social ministry and racial ministry (of course not seperate from gospel ministry) in the area of Portsmouth I have thought, "Who will serve, who will go?" And the answer the Lord has pressed upon me and my family is, "We will go, O Lord."

Our desire is to see city wide reformation, to help gospel preaching churches in Southern Ohio, and to minister the whole Gospel, to Whole People, in this area. We are not going to Ohio to be closer to some of our family that lives there...though what a delight that will be...we are not going to Ohio because we love that state...though I do...we are not even going to Ohio because I am done with Seminary and don't know what to do...I am not done with Seminary...but we are going because the people of Portsmouth need to know of the saving grace of God through Jesus Christ.

If you have an affection for the gospel in Southern Ohio, particularly Portsmouth contact me and let's see how we can work together. If you are interetsed in helping Southern Ohio churches, then contact The Southern Ohio Theological Society, of which I am a member. O, and by the way...if you want to help the people of Southern Ohio, you can start by helping me unload furniture this November!

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