Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Third Times the Harm

The sad truth about sequals is that they are rarely good. It's like day old burritos. They were good the first time but by the second day they're soggy and rather disgusting. Shrek the Third, simply put, is a day old burrito.

The original Shrek left its mark on animated films by revamping the fairy tale story. In it the creators are making fun of the Disney genre and adding some excitement and flair to the world of fairy tale movies. Shrek was fun and clever. Shrek II was funny, though it certainly didn't match up to the original. But by the time that a third Shrek movie comes out the cleverness of the original is long gone.

Perhaps it is merely that we are too demanding. We want fresh burritos everytime we open up the leftover carton. Originality simply can't be duplicated everytime there is a sequal. But, on the other hand, that is the whole point, isn't it? Why does every major motion picture company feel the need to repeat stories and characters? Yes it brings in the money, and I suppose that's really all they have to be concerned about. But for the sake of intelligent enjoyable art, let a good film stand on its own two legs!

Shrek the Third has lost the glitter of the original. Its humor has fallen short, its character development is weak, and its storyline is completely unreleatable to its target audience. So, I think I'll throw out the day old burritos and try something with a little more spice next time.

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