Monday, June 11, 2007

Willing to Apologize

After posting on the upcoming documentary "Unborn in the USA" I recieved a comment from Kelly Hargraves. I do not know Mrs./Miss (?) Hargraves, but she has some affiliation with this film, and as such has very politely suggested that I may not understand what the movie is about. I confess I certainly thought I did. The language of the promotional information suggests a film that is anti-pro-life. Referring to the "deep secrets and deep pockets" of the the pro-life movement, and the language of "constitutional right to privacy" would suprise me in a favorable look at the pro-life movement. I am, however, more than willing to watch the film and give it a fair review. This is a case where I would be more than thrilled to be wrong, and it is quite possible that I have allowed my pre-concieved notions get the best of my reading and I have misinterpreted the information about this film.

So Dear Kelly Hargraves, please send me a copy of your film!

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