Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sermons for Sale

Here's a quick advertisement:

Are you a pastor? Are you tired of spending hours in the Word of God? Studying to make sure that what you present your people is Biblical and Christ-Centere? Do you find that preaching is just too much of a hassle? Well there is good news for you friend. One pastor has declared his sermons fit for everyone to preach and he is even offering them at a fair price to you.

In case you miss it, I am being sardonic here. I find this sort of promotion of laziness in the pastorate an afront to gospel ministry. Pastor, your job is to study the Word of God in depth for your people. It is not your job to build a mega-church, design and orchestrate new church programs, or expand your church campuses. Your people coming in on Sunday morning with heart-ache and bitterness, struggling with sin and guilt don't need the words of another man who has never met them and doesn't know how the present text needs to be applied to your and their contexts. They need their pastor to love them enough to dig into the text and help them understand how the gospel matters when they've been up all night with a screaming baby, or how the cross of Christ relates to their failing marriage.

Pastors, don't be lazy! Do your duty as a preacher of the Word of God, and spend time in the text yourself for the sake of your people and the glory of our Savior!Don't buy a sermon!

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